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Conselman David Butler, director First release: 6 Apr At the beginning, this version of the story borrows a bit from Frankenstein a mad scientist and H. It is a difficult situation, but I hope I shall convince you. Very few men can have had the chance of convincing their great-great-great grandfathers of anything. I am now an anachronism.

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You see, I was born in the year A. Foster Foster, director First release: 15 May I decided to include this movie in the list in the hopes that someone will point me to a copy of the talkie that stars Louise Fazenda and Arthur Hoyt as a married couple who in the hopes of rekindling their vows are thrown back to the time of their courtship. I could not help wondering, as we settle swiftly over the city, whether our historians and geologists and other scientists were really right in saying that Denver had at one period been far from the Pacific.

Starzl First publication: Wonder Stories , Jun When Park Helm laments about the state of gangster-overrun Lakopolis, his friend, Professor Nicholson, sends him into the future to observe whether things will get better, but somehow Helm manages to do a lot more than just observe, eventually becoming the future boss man, gaining a lovely wife, and generally righting wrongs.

Breuer First publication: Amazing , Jun Widower Ezra Hubble hatches a scheme to deprive his stepson of an inheritance by taking the money with him to the future.

Johnson First publication: Amazing , Jul A seer projects our narrator into the world of 22, A. D where a pirate airship fuels a revolution against the wealthy. Meek First publication: Astounding , Aug Capt. They said we could hope to be received only as impostors and fakirs. If I could go back into the past, there is one event which I should most certainly change: my rescue of Paul Arkwright! Walsh First publication: Wonder Stories , Oct Beautiful time traveler Leela Zenken, searching for atomic power to save her people of the future, is aiming for , but hits instead where hiker John Harling tries to help her.

In , the serial was released as a novel. The Time Stream by John Taine aka Eric Temple Bell First publication: Wonder Stories , Dec —Mar In this dated sf classic, four like-minded men from are swept into the time stream via a mental exercise, taken to the land of Eos in a far-off time possibly in the past, possibly in the future where they encounter Cheryl who may or may not be the Cheryl that they know in their own time and consider how personal freedom may or may not be abrogated.

We demand the right to follow the natural inclinations of our characters. We demand the right to marry. The twentieth century. It had a remote sound, an unreal significance. In this age, with the sun a brick red ball and the city of Denver a mass of ruins, the twentieth century was a forgotten second in the great march of time, it was as remote as the age when man emerged from the beast.

Clifford D. Time was a fourth dimension, he had said. An extension as real as the three of what we call space, and not completely distinguishable from them. A direction in which motion would carry one into the past, or into the future. Brownlow in , and the narrator relates to us the queer happenings from forty years in the future. Would that the political aspects of his world would have materialized! It means, I take it, that in only forty years from now the great game of sovereign states will be over. It looks also as if the parliamentary game will be over, and as if some quite new method of handling human affairs will have been adopted.


Not a word of patriotism or nationalism; not a word of party, not an allusion. But in only forty years! While half the human beings already alive in the world will still be living! You cannot believe it for a moment. Nor could I, if it wasn't for two little torn scraps of paper. For the last few seconds the light has been fading, now it is completely dark. I, Doctor Michael Claybridge, living in the year , have listened to a description of the end of the world from the lips of the man who witnessed it; the last man of the human race.

That this is possible, or that I am not insane, I cannot ask you to believe: I can only offer you the facts. Beyond the fourth there is a fifth dimension. Eternity, I think you would call it. It is the line, the direction perpendicular to time. You have always considered me a hopeless dreamer; and I am the last person who would endeavor or even wish to dispute your summary. It might be added that I am one of those dreamers who have not been able to content themselves with dreams. Such persons, as a rule, are unfortunate and unhappy, since few of them are capable of realizing, or even approximating, their visionary conceptions.

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You know some of the modern theories about the fourth dimension. How Einstein and others suppose that the fourth dimension of sapce is time. Miles away the ground split from a center in radiating crevasses. I saw men far beyond it halt in dismay and turn back. A violent shaking of the ground sent me to the floor.

Please see the related stories link. Why Mayhew would be nearly eighty, if he were alive today, and this man is still in his twenties.

The jump through time occurs when an artificially created human who uses all of his brain instead of the tiny amount that we use jumps forward in time to start his world domination. How many of us have wished that we might escape from the dull reality of the present into the glamor and romance of yesterday? But if we could journey back into the mystery of the past, should we find contentment—or unhappiness? First publication: Amazing , Oct In order to exact revenge for the ridicule that his theories on time have endured, Professor Green decide to transport the Washington Monument to the future for a few days, and in the process, they see the eventual fate of our planet.

From the looks of the Brontosaurus. The Tyme Stories by A. This is the first issue of Astounding that lists F. Orlin Tremaine as editor, although he began that job two months earlier, and I think this is the first time-travel story that he published. The year of grace !



A dull year, a comfortable year! Nothing much happened. The depression was over; people worked steadily at their jobs and forgot that they had every starved; Roosevelt was still President of the United States; Hitler was firmly ensconced in Germany; France talked of security; Japan continued to defend itself against China by swallowing a few more provinces; Russia was about to commence on the third Five Year Plan, to be completed in two years; and, oh, yes—Cuba was still in revolution.

Keirstead First publication: Amazing , Dec An Englishman is shipwrecked on an island of brilliant Italian scientists who, among other things, take him back to ninth century England and the time of King Alfred. This story has Dr. I must have a subject. And there is a certain—risk. My apparatus is improved. But, in my first trial, my subject was—injured. To return to my dream, this person thought that either you or I should go among these subhumans, and yoiu, though willing to go, were a shade less willing than I.

So it was decided that I was to go, and when I asked this person, who had been thinking to us about these creatures, how I should come to them, seeing that they were either on another planet or in another time, the way thither was made clear to me, for all I had to do was to wish to be there with them, and there, wherever or whenever it was, I should be. I am much inclined to think it was not on another planet, but on the same planet in another time.

But wait!

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In addition to his various tricks of magic, this young Chinaman had another typically Oriental trait, namely that of being able to commune with his ancestors. Professor Stringer threw open the laboratory door and turned on the lights. We saw it then, an odd machine, shiny and rounded, occupying the center of the workshop floor.

I had been drinking, you will recollect, and my powers of observation were not at their best.

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It was the same with the others. When I questioned them later, they could give no adequate description of it. Notice this lever on the graduated face of the dial; it controls the machine. Turn it this way from Zero and one travels into the past; throw it ahead and one travels into the future.

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The return of the lever to Zero will return the machine to the point of departure in time. The electronic flow. Past, present, future—all one. And we, moving along the dimension called time, intersect them. Scoops was a weekly British publication that lasted about half of This particular Fearn story was reprinted in the Fantasy Annual.

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