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The genius of the Ferrara version was to make his very sympathetic heroine a young girl on an Army base, who can't get anyone to listen to her. You know how adults can be when kids claim they've seen aliens. The problem with this new version is that it caves in and goes for your basic car chase scenes spinning tires, multiple crashes, car in flames, dozens of pod people hanging onto it, etc. If aliens are among us, we will not be saved by stunt driving.

Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Jeremy Northam, little Jackson Bond, Jeffrey Wright and other cast members do what they can with dialogue that can hardly be spoken, and a plot that we concede must be implausible but does not necessarily have to upstage the Mad magazine version. And the aliens themselves are a flop. Just like zombies, they're pushovers: easy to spot, slow-moving, not too bright, can be shot dead or otherwise disposed of.

Somebody should register the title "Of The. Reviews The Invasion. The actor, one of a. Popular Reviews Midway. Terminator: Dark Fate. Marriage Story. Doctor Sleep. Zoe and Isobel are seized. The Doctor and Jamie investigate the outside of the IE building. The Doctor uses the transceiver to check with the Brigadier that Zoe and Isobel actually entered.

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The Brigadier confirms that they did indeed enter. As they explore, they find a railway line that skirts the back of the building.

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Gregory has drawn a blank on the circuits. He is dismissed. Vaughn opens the wall and demands more data on the Doctor. The machine refuses to give more information and just orders the destruction of the Doctor. Vaughn stands up to the machine. He says that unless they share information, he will stop helping them. Reluctantly, the machine tells Vaughn that the Doctor has a machine that can help him travel to other planets.

Vaughn vows he will destroy the Doctor. Jamie and the Doctor have sneaked into the building. They witness workers carrying crates far beyond human strength. They sneak away. An alarm is raised. Packer tells Vaughn that the Doctor and Jamie have been spotted. Vaughn tells Packer not to raise full alert but just to close off the area and that they are to be flushed out using Isobel and Zoe as bait.

As they move around the warehouse, the Doctor and Jamie hear the screams of Zoe and Isobel. Their unconscious forms are being put into crates to be loaded into the return van. Jamie, furious, attacks Packer. Reinforcements are called for, and soon enough Jamie and the Doctor are surrounded by armed guards The Brig takes charge. Jamie confronts Packer again. Packer goes to hit him, but Vaughn calls him off. Vaughan tells Jamie and the Doctor that Zoe and Isobel were in the building but they left.

Jamie protests, but the Doctor calmly asks if they can inspect the containers. Vaughn allows this, but as soon as they all leave to do so, Packer orders the train to leave. Jamie and the Doctor arrive too late. Vaughn suggests that he will accompany them to the factory to do the inspection there.

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  • The Brigadier is worried about the Doctor and Jamie when he receives reports that the two of them plus Vaughn are leaving the building together. He orders them not to be followed and orders one of his subordinates, Jimmy, to go to the factory in a helicopter. Jimmy watches as Vaughn's car enters the compound.

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    • The Brigadier orders Jimmy to hang back as they cannot alert Vaughn's private army as it might put the Doctor and Jamie at risk. The Doctor and Jamie are led into the factory. Vaughn wants to question the Doctor further on the circuits he showed him. As Vaughn shows the Doctor and Jamie into the office, he suggests to Packer that he should go and see if he can convince Watkins to work.

      When the Doctor and Jamie enter Vaughn's office, they are surprised to see that it is exactly the same as his office in London. Vaughn has become suspicious of Zoe and the Doctor's abilities, but he isn't surprised or angry that the Doctor refused to be drawn in. Vaughn promises the Doctor Watkins' help and leaves. Jamie suspects Vaughn, and the Doctor considers him too nice but wonders why he would be offering them Watkins' assistance if he was evil.

      Packer threatens Watkins with harm to Isobel if he doesn't continue working. Watkins considers it a bluff but Vaughn arrives and assures him that Packer is not lying. He explains that whatever happens Isobel will not be freed, she will just come to harm if Watkins refuses to comply. Watkins reluctantly agrees. Vaughn tells Watkins of the Doctor and Jamie and extends the threat to Isobel to spilling the beans on him. In the office, the Doctor notices a deep space radio communication system outside.

      This causes him to be furthermore suspicious of Vaughn. As they look outside, they see Jimmy's helicopter swoop overhead. Packer enters and escorts the Doctor and Jamie into Watkins' presence. After the Doctor has introduced himself, Watkins says that Travers and Anne told him all about them.

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      Up in his office, Vaughn tells Packer that the Doctor has been on another planet and has some sort of vessel that he craves. He shows Packer a video screen that shows Watkins, the Doctor and Jamie's conversation. He is aware the room is bugged and he puts a scrambler on the machine. Vaughn checks all the other cameras — they are all functioning.

      He realises that the Doctor is quite an adversary and says it is no surprise his allies fear him. Vaughn vows not to destroy the Doctor until he knows more of his machine. Left alone, Watkins says he is working on a machine called the Cerebration Mentor , a teaching machine. Watkins says he has no knowledge of Vaughn's plans and thinks he wants complete control of the electronics industry of the world.

      The Doctor believes he has bigger aspirations than that.

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      Jamie hears someone coming. The Doctor goes for the scrambler, but Vaughn enters and removes it first. Vaughn tells the Doctor that they will make him talk in other ways. He admits he has Zoe and, unless the Doctor hands over his machine, she will be hurt. The Doctor and Jamie are led away.

      As they are led towards the lifts, the Doctor tells Jamie he is scared of lifts and can't even press the buttons. Jamie catches on and enters first. The Doctor wheels around to say that he is ready to hand over his machine already. As he does he distracts Packer, pushes him over and activates the lift.

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      As the lift is in motion he destroys the circuits. Vaughn berates Packer for letting the Doctor and Jamie get away.

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      Packer reviews a report that the lift is stuck. The Doctor and Jamie find a door in the lift shaft. Packer orders all exits to be covered and the lift to be fixed.