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A half Elvin princess, a warrior whose destiny is to protect, and a world that will never be the same because of their existence. Sometimes to unite a world you must first destroy it. With the notion that we are fledgling spirits in a decidedly material world, they contemplate the wonderful and rather extraordinary implications lying therein. This delightful tale is perfect for birthdays and occasional gifts.

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Author Nancy Ward demonstrates the essential tools and tips to share your story as she tells her conversion story. For encouragement, thirty Catholics share their God-moments of conversion and renewal.

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Having given away most of his fortune in an attempt to right old wrongs and save Tiny Tim, the winter of finds him destitute, discouraged, and broken. Read today! Take part in a magical heist where the guard is invisible and just one touch can kill. Children will adore the story of the little buffalo finding his courage as he runs through a menacing storm. Parents and teachers will appreciate the self-regulation strategies and positive affirmations taught throughout the book.

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Cait makes it her mission to solve a mystery which will save the old building. She is aided by a cat named Ebenezer. No big deal. Historical information helps give context. A secret American underground nuclear bunker in the Blue Hills of Virginia is a backdrop to the life and death struggle for world power. Paintings left to Ruth by a former teacher may contain clues, but when Ruth unboxes the collection, she discovers that Wren may be keeping a few secrets of her own. Kyle outwits the government and even the Naturalists, falling in love with his adversary in the process.

His world is a dangerous, ugly place, and giving in to nerves is a fast way to get killed. All he wanted was a break, but in a world fueled by blood and greed, only the wicked get to rest. Next is downsizing and moving. Her whole world and dreams are falling apart. She is broken-hearted, and cannot think of life with anyone else.

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The only thing that allowed Edward Porter to survive the war was the thought of the girl he is in love with. On a trip to the country just before Christmas, things turn scary when her little family is left behind by the guide. But can she trust the European Casanova? A sensitively told festive romance that sizzles with chemistry as bright as the Christmas lights. JT is a multi-millionaire grieving widower who loves the simple life of a cowboy. Ronnie Andrews is swept back in time during Hurricane Frances to the fire of London and the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island forcing her to the brink of destruction.

What readers are saying. After being blackmailed by the editor of a Stolvenian newspaper, Katie agrees to spy on her boss. Curl up and escape to Yeti, Vermont for the holidays where broken hearts learn to love again. Fans of Susan Mallery and Nora Roberts will be swept away by One Complicated Christmas, a small town, second chance standalone holiday romance.

Meet the Swanson brothers: five alpha male bear shifters who help protect their small, close-knit community as volunteer firefighters. Dane, Mark, Evan, Thor, and Ash are heroes looking for their fated mates, but the road to their happily-ever-afters is filled with peril and adventure. No, not THAT kind of entertainment. I own a nudist resort. The man is tall, gorgeous, tattooed, and a shameless exhibitionist. But not all scary beasties are so easily slain.

Rose: Can love survive in a web of deceit? One family. Five epic love stories. And one common enemy. Destiny may have them crashing into their true loves, but it also has them entangled in a world of international crime. Follow them as they find their soul mates while battling an ever-changing enemy who could destroy everything. It takes a special man to love a woman warrior. Former Marine Captain Alex Wolf is more than man enough to handle his college lover.

This second chance military romance is filled with suspense and love. From a lady of one night, she will become his essential companion in a quest to find his missing sister.

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But his questions will put her in danger. Because the unbearable truth must stay hidden…At all costs…. A hard-working ad rep meets a determined veterinarian, and the sparks fly as they find themselves thrown together to further both of their causes. Lots of furry friends enter into the mix, along with a very unexpected guardian angel.

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It causes a biological transformation using nanobots that threaten to destroy all life forms on the planet within days. This is only the beginning for survival of the human species. The South Kingdom seeks to replicate the dragon riders of Torvald to stem the Deadweed that strikes out.

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Will she be able to break the curse before she kills him? Peter Alesso: Henry Gallant is the captain of the spacecraft carrier Constellation. He is the last hope of the Marines stranded on a volcanic wasteland nine light-years from Earth. Save them. For fans of Honor Harrington and Horatio Hornblower. Then tragedy strikes one night on a dark country road, and her wealthy, privileged world collides with the modest, plain world of an Old Order Amish family, ultimately leading both to question the lives they lead.

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G Medallion Honoree. Transported to Barbados, a young Irish woman and a Scottish POW endure forced indentured servitude in the harsh sugarcane fields. I can submit someone tomorrow. GF download and gameplay first Forum Thread. PinkWorld Posts: 29 Member.