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You're Reading a Free Preview Pages 9 to 32 are not shown in this preview. Buy the Full Version. You're Reading a Free Preview Pages 38 to 41 are not shown in this preview. You're Reading a Free Preview Pages 48 to 57 are not shown in this preview. You're Reading a Free Preview Pages 67 to 85 are not shown in this preview. You're Reading a Free Preview Pages 91 to are not shown in this preview. One of the first and most important functions of these spaces was actually the research of the natural world.

In the th century, natural history museums were spaces of knowledge production, including teams of naturalists ready to describe new species that came from the most remote places.

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By the end of the th century, several of these museums had already opened to the public and were extremely popular, receiving hundreds of visitors. In the th century, a museum of natural history was also founded in Lisbon. Although he did not receive all the government support he wanted for the development of the museum, the collaborators he recruited in various parts of the continental territory, and especially in the Portuguese colony, provided him with the necessary specimens to build a career of International Prestige. In this communication, the strategies that barbosa du bocage used to achieve this end and what his legacy for natural history in Portugal will be discussed.

Free entrance. Amphitheater of the school of sciences, of campus, Braga, January 30, 09 pm pm These days are organized by the school of sciences of the university of minho, under the consulting of the Psychology Association of the university of minho, with the aim of clarify social information about higher courses and their professional departures in the field of sciences, which may be useful to vocational practices Scientifically sustained and updated information. Contact with professionals from various areas of science and with career psychology experts will allow you to share knowledge that can be useful to teamwork in the school context and psychological interventions with young students.

En, which challenges us to look differently at everyday objects, while calling different branches of science Biology, physics, chemistry or math so we can understand them better. Entrance is free. Special Halloween morning Auditorium of the school of sciences, of campus, Braga, October 31 For the second year in a row, we organized a special film session Double affects the celebration of Halloween, on October 31th Thursday, the day after 'taxi driver'.

5. Estimule o “olhar de perto”

In This particular case, we will join Zombies and their imaginary. The two proposals we bring, from two different seasons and geographies, are also different styles of approach to zombies. First, the Japanese 'one cut of the dead', movie sensation that a couple of years ago stole festivals and projections. Some fear the zombie apocalypse; others make it comedy. This movie is a great example of bizarreness, in the image of the great session we had last year, with ' Hausu!

Don't read anything about it: it will start at 19 pm and open your appetite for dinner.

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Then we remember the George a reference. Romero, died in and widely considered one of the most important influences in the zombie horror genre. Our choice is part of a series that starts in , with 'night of the living dead', and ends in , total six entries independent among themselves, say.

All of them are graphics, although satirical; it will be a great way to mark this date.

Bring a sweatshirt because it will rain And eventually some candy. You never know when zombies will come. Free entrance! Movie session "taxi driver" Auditorium of the school of sciences, of campus, Braga, October 30, 20 pm So we come to the end of 'soft water in hard stone', a cycle dedicated to the cloister that references simultaneously to a point of saturation.

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And in this 'taxi driver' by Travis Bickle, mythical character of American cinema, every night trip through the dirty streets of New York confirms his impressions; and the glass continues to fill, and the glass is close to overflow. Bickle is a time bomb. For a series of reasons, which we will celebrate next Wednesday one of them is the almost unanimous acceptance of ' Joker ', now in the rooms , ' taxi driver ' is a curious phenomenon. His influence persists due to dialogues that have become memorable, although eventually descontextualizados, as well as fincher's ' Fight Club ', became equally icon for a generations attitude.

But what exactly does travis bickle celebrate?

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We propose a matter of reflection, and we will avoid, as far as possible, the modern reading and which we will also enjoy of a film over forty years old. Whatever it is, it will always be secondary to the dark and hard images of the American Metropolis, framed from a sauntering and sleepwalking taxi, which slides through the streets masterfully accompanied by the ominous saxophone of Bernhard Herrmann.

Surrounded by the skyscrapers; surrounded by the doxies crowds.

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  5. Tatoo.
  6. Travis Bickle is a phenomenon, and we'll see it next Wednesday at 20 pm. Entrance is free!

    A month ago was like this, at Altice Forum Braga. About visitors and researchers, volunteers and other collaborators, made this [Noite Europeia dos Investigadores ] another successful event in scientific disclosure and communication. Hard was to choose what to do between various stands with hands-on activities, workshops, games, exhibitions, salon and performance! It looks like you may be having problems playing this video.

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    If so, please try restarting your browser. Noite Europeia dos Investigadores - Braga This time guests arrive from the world of biophysics and education. The is an international movement for informal science disclosure, launched in Nottingham UK in and arrived in Portugal shortly after.