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Ora Venezia sta ipotizzando di imboccare una strada ancora molto controversa. I turisti che pernotteranno a Venezia saranno esentati, dato che la tassa di soggiorno viene comunque richiesta I residenti, molti dei Simone Venturini , assessore comunale e consigliere economico, racconta a CNN Travel che gli introiti di tale tassa convergeranno a sostenere i costi per lo smaltimento di rifiuti e per far fronte a garantire la sicurezza urbana. In Belgio, Bruges sta eliminando gli annunci pubblicitari per le visite giornaliere e sta riducendo il numero di attracchi di navi da crociera nel porto di Zeebrugge.

A che ora chiude Venezia?

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Ora, solo Il turismo, e il settore lavorativo turistico, sono la base della vita per molti residenti. Musolino racconta a CNN Travel. Ma passa la nave. Cosa ci faceva in mezzo alla vogalonga? Quella foto, pubblicata nel nostro gruppo facebook e poi ripresa anche da altri, rende tuttavia ineludibile una domanda:. I soldi? I posti di lavoro? I crocieristi che vogliono visitare Roma lo fanno scendendo dalla nave a Civitavecchia secondo scalo italiano per il comparto crocieristico e non ad Ostia antica.

Eppure anche per loro, che mille motivi avrebbero per andarsene, vale il nostro motto:. On June2 nd , a cruise ship caused an accident when the crew lost control of the ship and it smashed into a dock and a tourist river boat in the very historical center of Venice Giudecca canal.

Sabato, 27 Novembre, 2010

A few years ago, a cruise ship of the same company MSC at anchor in front of the Old City damaged the pipelines between Dubrovnik and the island of Lokrum, trying to avoid a near collision accident caused by strong wind. These incidents prove that, on top of their environmental impact, giant cruise ships represent an immediate threat to our communities.

The cities of Dubrovnik and Venice, which are particularly suffering from mismanagement of mass tourism, need urgent action in order to preserve their way of life, inhabitants, ecosystem and cultural heritage. Until this very day, not even their World Heritage UNESCO status has been able to secure the adoption and implementation of Management Plans that would take into account the carrying capacity for each site.

WorldHeritage v.

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Saturday two large ships with people on board… were drifting towards a hotel. The wind caused the ship MSC Armonia to shift from where it was anchored… until there was a 20m gap between the two large ships… distance should have been minimum of m. The anchors got tangled up and they both had to limp out to the open sea where they managed to untangle and come back to port.

The ships tore up phone lines, electricity and water pipes at the Lokrum resort in peak season, possible loss of 30, euro a day. The strong wind moved the ship MSC Armonia meters length, guests , from the place where she anchored and towards the Villa Dubrovnik hotel. Hotel guests were in a state of panic watching the mega cruise liner approaching the hotel. Both ships then sailed out to the open sea and after the risky manoeuvre they dropped anchor. The incident has left the island of Lokrum without power, water supply, and phone lines as cables and pipes were destroyed during the manoeuvring inside the bay.

City authorities said that due to the damage, tourist season for this small island, just a ten minute pleasant boat trip distance from the Port of Dubrovnik, is over.

Patients’ Associations and HTA for medicines: actual and future role in Italy

Daily income loss of 30, euros has been estimated. Port authorities have authorized the ships to leave the Port of Dubrovnik only after both cruise companies have deposited , euro as compensation for the damage caused. Moderatore: il nostro portavoce Marco Gasparinetti, che nelle Istituzioni europee ha lavorato per 26 anni.

Come trovarci? Alle 16 e alle Dalle Even though the city was considered a rare example of a populated medieval town completely surrounded by the city walls, only the architecture of the city was protected at that time. From the point of view, the fact that the town was populated, being a real town in every sense and context of the word, was something taken for granted.

Back then, it seems that no one could have imagined that the life within the city walls would become endangered. In the Old Town of Dubrovnik was a vital, populated city with inhabitants. A year earlier, a group of active citizens founded the Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiques. Another proof of the way of life characterized by the appreciation of heritage and culture is the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Concerts, operas, dramas, and ballets were performed in different locations all over the city — the city was living with the Festival and the Festival was living with the city.

In those days, the town itself was raising generations of active citizens with a developed sense of community, aesthetics and measure.

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The breaking point for Dubrovnik was the war in and the subsequent economic difficulties, which led to an exaggerated orientation on tourism in all its forms. Monocultural economy tourism and expanded house-short-term-renting have resulted in Dubrovnik following the international city centre depopulation trends — the number of inhabitants decreased to only in and, although only 3 years have passed, to a significantly smaller number today.

Well, they both still exist but fail to fully fulfil their original purpose. Today, the Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiques still exists and is active in preserving our material heritage — the walls and the buildings. Expanding tourism brings millions of visitors who pay to walk the city walls, not only maintained but also managed by the Society. The income is huge — only last year 1. Sixty percent of the revenue is transferred to the budget of the City of Dubrovnik.

Il sistema sanitario in Italia

This sounds like a great opportunity to invest in town management. However, the the opportunity has not been seized. Although it has been scientifically proved that if nothing changes the old town will lose all its inhabitants, so far the money has not been invested to increase the quality of life of the remaining citizens, nor in any active measures to increase the number of inhabitants.

As for the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, it still takes place every summer, but most of the former locations are now occupied by restaurant tables or are too noisy to be adequate for performing. Artistic creation no longer happens within the city as it used to. While in the past renown orchestras, ballet ensembles and theatrical companies stayed in Dubrovnik for weeks rehearsing and performing, today the programme is based on ready-made projects created elsewhere and only performed in Dubrovnik in the few remaining restaurant-tables-free-not-too-loud locations.

The answer is positive. The crucial role that makes the very substance of the living city is the role of the citizen. The city is alive as long as there are active and engaged citizens concerned about their community, their heritage, their quality of life. With a decreasing number of inhabitants, with most of them already quite old, a legitimate question is — are there still active citizens not giving up on the city that is practically dying in front of their eyes?

The answer is — yes, there are. For example:. No party is openly advocating the idea of a city-museum, a tourist site, a huge restaurant and resort, a former town. Unfortunately, in practice, there had been no real measures towards keeping the living city alive until a Management plan was requested by UNESCO in Active citizens, aware of the problem, responded to the Management plan activities with extreme engagement. In the beginning, no representatives of the inhabitants nor NGOs were planned to participate in the Monitoring Board for drafting and implementation of the Management Plan.

The citizens and NGO representatives initiated a new population census and volunteered for the field work. The new population census gathered materials for socio-demographic study, one of the crucial documents on which the Management plan should be based.

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Aware that politicians and political parties are too often interested in short term projects useful in their campaigns instead in long term strategies useful for the local community, the citizens have also formed their own lists in the elections for the city quarters, held in In the Old Town district the citizen list won the elections. Active citizens encounter strong opposition from all levels of authority. Instead of addressing effectively the obvious issues of over-tourism, gentrification, unsustainable growth in tourist numbers and offering effective solutions, the authorities use the mechanisms they control to undermine the efforts of the citizens and civil organizations.

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An active citizen often encounters exaggerated PR from the City authorities aimed at calming public opinion and undermining all efforts seeking for real solutions. Instead of taking care of public interest as a priority, politicians often choose to serve the interests of private investors. In such cases, active citizens have always reacted, writing petitions and gathering for public protests.