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Guinea Pig: Your Happy Healthy Pet

The nine checks below can help you establish the general health of your guinea pig. There are nine checks you can do on a daily basis, to make sure your guinea pig is healthy and happy Glossy coat that does not have any bald patches or sores. The guinea pig should not be too skinny. It should be well-covered with skin and fur.

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It should be bright and responsive. Energetic and it should be able to move without difficulty or looking stiff Its bottom should be clean. It should have healthy teeth and no signs of dental problems. Clean eyes, ears, mouth and nose, with no signs of discharge No signs of breathing problems No signs of lumps and bumps.

Many of these accessories can be too challenging for your friend and can lead to injuries.

It is widely recognized that guinea pigs are very social animals. They like to have a cage-mate to spend their time with, while their owners are away. Even if they are not a natural predator of the guinea pig, bringing another species in its habitat can cause a lot of problems.

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Apart from potential interspecies aggression incidents, bacteria like Bordetella bronchiseptica can infect your pet by being passed on from species that seem otherwise healthy. This occurs most often with rabbits. Guinea pigs are squeamish and nervous little creatures, so you need to take extra care when handling them. Otherwise, they can get scared and jump out of your hands, potentially leading to serious injuries.

Inside the Life of a Teen and Her Guinea Pig

While holding a cavy, you should support its abdomen and feet to prevent squirming. You should also be careful with the way you pick your guinea pig up from its cage. Chasing him or her with your hands around the habitat can cause stress.

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Your little friend should be comfortable enough to come to you for being lift up and out of the enclosure. Take Care of the Cage A lot of guinea pigs spend most of their time in their cage. Guinea pigs are usually homed in pairs.

Make sure to purchase a cage that can comfortably fit two fully-grown guinea pigs. Above all, the cage should be big enough for the guinea pigs to exercise and play.

Signs Your Guinea Pig Has Settled In

Guinea pigs require a strict and healthy diet to ensure that their digestive systems run smoothly. Furthermore, they require the right kind of pellets and fresh fruits and vegetables to eat every day.