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She grew up in California and went to college in New York, and attending school on both coasts, is now enjoying studying the midwest. She spends her non-math time tap dancing, running, baking, and watching baking shows. She is also a labor activist, as an organizing committee member of the Northwestern University Graduate Workers. His research focuses on understanding the molecular basis of cardiovascular diseases. He teaches human anatomy and physiology to pre-health majors, as well as a course in plain language science communication.

Through his teaching, he pursues his other passions — improving science literacy among the general public, and building engaging, inclusive, and equitable STEM classrooms. John is originally from Buffalo, New York, the land of chicken wings, always winter, and generally nice people. He now lives in Connecticut with three dogs, three cats, and thankfully , a robot vacuum cleaner. You can find him on twitter reddenjm tweeting about science, highered, scifi, and diversity issues. Curious and investigative by nature, Sarah Fankhauser has always been a lover of all things science.

Sarah received her B. Sarah is one of the founders and the board chairman of the science journal and education non-profit, Journal of Emerging Investigators. She is also an assistant professor of biology at Oxford College of Emory University where she shares her thrill and passion for science with her students.

Both in her professional and personal life Sarah advocates for effective and clear communication of science with the public. Part 1: Just before she leaves for her dream opportunity to teach marine science on the Red Sea, Latasha Wright gets a call that puts her plans in jeopardy.

Part 2: Growing up, Sheena Cruickshank's teenage older brother inspires her love of science, but then one summer he returns from university with a lump on his arm. Latasha Wright received her Ph. The BioBus creates a setting that fosters innovation and creativity. Students are encouraged to ask questions, formulate hypotheses, and design experiments.

Through the BioBus, Latasha was able to share her love of science with a new generation of potential scientists.

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Everyday that she spends teaching students about science in this transformative environment helps her remember that science is fun. She loves sharing the journey of discovery with students of all ages. Latasha has lead the efforts in establishing this community laboratory model, and hopes to build on its success in other communities. Her research aims to understand how the immune response distinguishes harm from benefit e.

She has a focus on using her research to help develop tools to improve patient diagnosis and management. Sheena is passionate about communicating her research with the public and her public engagement work is very closely linked to her research. She also co-developed a UK nationwide citizen science project to understand allergies and the impacts of pollution BritainBreathing. Part 1: A question that Laura Spink asked her parents as a kid comes up again when her own child begins to ask similar questions.

Part 2: After Denise Coberley brings up her doubt in the Bible to her adoptive religious parents, she finds herself on a journey of self-discovery. Besides working full-time in music, Laura graduated with a Geochemistry degree from the University of Waterloo and works part-time at the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks.

Crossing the Line

She is also the proud mom of an amazing 7-year old son. Denise Coberley has been a science educator for twenty-three years. Her acceptance to the graduate program at Greenlee School of Journalism at Iowa State University allowed her to reconnect with her academic roots. She studies the role of nerves in the respiratory system and how they might hold the key to understanding diseases like asthma and COPD.

When not researching or writing long lists of self-describing adjectives she runs the science communication and outreach initiatives: taste of science — a science festival for adults, and a podcast called 2Scientists. She also enjoys running on trails and glasses of red wine, but not usually at the same time. She is currently at the University of Heidelberg in Germany.

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Part 1: Ralph Bouquet goes off script during a psychology research study with uncomfortable and revealing consequences. Part 2: Ali Mustafa finds that the scars of war stay with him even at his new job in the lab.

Before NOVA, Ralph taught high school biology and chemistry in Philadelphia and then spent some time in ed-tech at a Boston-based startup. Ralph received his B. Ali Mustafa is an undergrad student for a second degree at Boise State University, in the Material Science and Engineering program, expected graduation is spring Ali has joined the magnetic shape memory alloys research team at Boise State University, in February , and he had been assigned for the crystal growth research team using Bridgman method to grow Ni Mn Ga single crystal.

Part 1: The lessons that Margaret Rubega learns from her dad about fighting back are put to the test when he becomes the one she must stand up to. Part 2: In following her dream of studying chemistry, Charlotte Istance-Tamblin sees how to break the toxic patterns in her relationships.

She has spent her career studying a diverse array of birds, with a consistent interest in answering the questions: How Does That Work? She started her career getting crapped on in a tern colony, then studied a bird that's famous for going in circles.

Hiding the Decline: Part II

Those formative experiences probably explain a lot about her subsequent career. She's always been especially interested in feeding in birds the way they're built, the mechanics, the food -- because a bird that isn't fed is a bird that's dead. As the Connecticut State Ornithologist, she's had to counsel a lot of homeowners about whether woodpeckers are eating their houses they aren't , and talk to a lot of journalists. Hoping to get better at it, via the log-in-your-own-eye method, she has taught science communication and writing classes along with biology classes for the last 10 years.

She currently leads an National Science Foundation-funded research group studying methods of training graduate science students to talk and write for non-scientists. You can find her on Twitter profrubega chatting about birds with students and others in her birdclass. She hopes to develop a deeper understanding of radiochemistry before moving into teaching at the academic level.

Outside of university she enjoys roller derby and travelling with her wife where ever they are able to. Part 2: When Guizella Rocabado leaves her home in Bolivia to pursue her education in the United States, her plan hits an unexpected snag.

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LaShana Lewis grew up in the St. Louis area of Missouri where her love of the starry sky led her to the STL Science Center as longtime volunteer, and now a docent presenting talks on astronomy and aeronautics. Her research focuses on chemistry education. She is mainly interested in uncovering the narratives of success of students from all backgrounds. Bringing diversity to STEM fields is a great focus of her work. Her current project is the development and testing of instruments for use with diverse populations to investigate the role of the affective domain in undergraduate STEM learning and persistence.

In her spare time she loves to travel, try new foods and meet new people. Part 1: Due to stress in her personal life, TV writer Joey Slamon develops a cyst in an unfortunate place. Part 2: As a biochemistry PhD student, Kellie Vinal has worked hard to prepare for her qualifying exam, but when the day finally arrives, nothing goes according to plan.

Despite no formal training, she will happily give you medical advice if you ask for it. Kellie Vinal is a PhD biochemist, science writer, educator, producer, and adventure enthusiast based in Atlanta, Georgia. Part 1: Miserable at her corporate job, Michelle McCrackin begins to dream of a career in wildlife biology.

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Her research focuses on human-enhanced eutrophication, a process that reduces water clarity and causes dead zones and large algal blooms in lakes and coastal waters. She moved to Sweden from the US for the opportunity to join a new team that works to bridge the gap between scientists and decision makers in the Baltic Sea region. Michelle is actively involved with science communication though public seminars, web-articles, policy briefs, blogs, and face-to-face meetings with politicians and civil servants.

See a Problem?

Her Swedish skills are limited to reading menus and navigating public transportation; her attempts to speak Swedish usually leave people looking confused. His work involves physical volcanology and fieldwork, geoscience education, experimental volcanology, interpreting volcano monitoring data, measurements of volcanic rock properties, and calderas and magma plumbing.

Basically, Ben loves rocks and working out why volcanoes erupt in various different ways. He travels to various volcanoes all around the world to collect rocks, then takes the rocks back to the University of Canterbury and does various experiments to learn more about the eruptions in which they originated. Part Part 2: While working as a research assistant on a traumatic brain injury study, Devine Joyce struggles with feelings of depression — until she encounters a patient who changes her outlook.

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