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This book isn't really about, oh, the world is in great peril and we're all going to die, but rather, it's within our power and responsibility — for both people living on the planet now and also everyone who could live in the future — to do something about it. Walsh: They were the ones that really just jumped out in terms [of being] the most threatening, but also they were ones I could examine in turn and tell a different part of the overall story through them.

So something like asteroids : There's a reason why we make movies about that.

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There's something cinematic about the idea that something's coming from space and locking in on you, and it's going to destroy the world. But also, it showed our ability to actually use technology to protect ourselves from something that has erased life on this planet before. With something like volcanoes , because they've recurred much more often than asteroids, I could actually look at the past and see how that's impacted human beings before. There was a supervolcano called Toba that exploded about 74, years ago that really had a measurable impact on human beings of the time.

I picked the ones I felt would fit into an overall narrative that I hope at the end gives you a really broad picture of all these risks and what they mean when they're combined. There are also very, very uncommon cosmic risks, like gamma-rays, for instance, or that the sun could go supernova.

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I didn't really go into those because they're even less frequent than the already pretty infrequent natural risks I'm talking about here. But also, there's really nothing that can be done about that.

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There's no foreseeable technological future where we can do something about the sun blowing up, or some kind of gamma-ray, or some kind of cosmic-scale situation like that. So to me, there wasn't a lot to say at the end of the day [about these scenarios]. Walsh: Science generally moves pretty slowly. If you are lucky, you can find something in a night's observing, and you saw it, and you played a small part in actually defending the Earth, as grand as that sounds.

And it sounds very grand when you're on top of a mountain outside Tucson, and it's cold, and you're in a small room, and you're just kind of staring at screens, which is basically what I was doing. But I do get the sense that there was that feeling, like, this goes beyond just standard science to something that has a bigger purpose. It was also just fascinating to see how [the search] changed over time … now you have a wealth of data, you have a wealth of scanning, you have new tools that can use machine learning to find things and pick them out faster.

Also, it's just cool to be there at an observatory: To actually get a look at the sky in a way I'd never seen before was just really gratifying personally for me.

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  5. Walsh: That was one of my favorite chapters to write, actually. The idea of Dr. Strangelove mines sound far fetched but the U. Asteroids actually represent one of the existential risks that we have the best ability to foresee and even actively prevent. We are currently tracking incoming near-Earth objects, and have found more than 90 percent of the potential NEOs larger than 1 km. And if we discover a new asteroid on a collision course, we have realistic plans for deflecting them, and sparing the Earth.

    Hachette Books. What have been the reactions from people who plan for natural or manmade disasters? People who plan for disasters understand the importance of planning. And planning for major existential risks involves many of the same steps we need to take to avert less severe but more common disasters, from smaller volcanic eruptions to disease outbreaks to low-level conflict.

    Anything that helps raise awareness that bad things can and do happen — and that we can plan in advance for them — is useful in their view. All of those experiences led me directly to looking at large-scale, long-term, global catastrophes — which in turn led me to write End Times. The current U.

    The Pentagon has always taken climate change seriously because it sees the effect that climate change will have on bases abroad and because it is used to planning for the long term. It sees the way that climate change can destabilize countries aboard, which can, in turn, change the security threats facing the U. It may even turn out that the Antichrist will rise to power on the heels of an international crisis—one in which a terrorist group or a terrorist nation will be holding the world hostage with nuclear blackmail.

    In Revelation chapter 13 we are told that one of the seven heads of the seven-headed, ten-horned beast will appear to be mortally wounded just before the Antichrist arises. Could this catastrophe be a nuclear terrorist attack on one of the countries of the Western Alliance—particularly on one of the G-7 nations? This idea is not as far-fetched as it sounds.

    With the collapse of the Soviet Union, four of its former republics now have independent nuclear forces. Though the CIS has tried to assure the world that the weapons remain under strict control, uncertainty still remains. Lederer also predicted correctly that the most significant short-term threat comes from the Middle East Arab nations, particularly Iran.

    She made this prediction years before Iran started enriching uranium to make fissile material for a bomb. In addition, since the CIS central Asian republics are Muslim countries, collaboration with other Islamic nations was a likely scenario. Nuclear proliferation and terrorist threats to use such weapons could consolidate the Western Alliance around a one-world government and a single leader faster than any other conceivable threat. In the book One Point Safe by Andrew and Leslie Cockburn Doubleday, , they argue that there has been many instances where nuclear materials have been stolen from Russian facilities or intercepted while being shipped by trains or trucks.

    This has resulted in a black market for uranium and the knowhow of making nuclear weapons, which has spread the nuclear threat to the most renegade nations and groups. Since the early s, we now know that Pakistan and North Korea both obtained their nuclear weapons knowhow from rogue scientists operating covertly out of the former Soviet Union. Once that knowledge got out, it inevitably continued to spread to other dangerous nations.

    The Pakistani nuclear scientist, Abdul Qadeer Khan almost single handedly worked with other rogue nations to teach them the secrets of nuclear technology. Today Iran is likely only a year or so away from having the ability to build nuclear weapons. And at the same time these nations have developed ballistic missile technology that will allow them to launch atomic warheads at any targets within thousands of miles from their borders.

    North Korea and Iran have repeatedly threatened Israel and the U. If they did, they could easily be tracked back to their sources and result in their own total annihilation. Instead, they can arrange for secret delivery of the weapons to terrorist groups or even transport the warheads using standard shipping vessels to major coastal cities. Once a GPS-enabled detonator within the bomb senses the correct coordinates, these weapons could be automatically timed to destroy the neighboring city and potentially kill millions of people.

    Only one such attack on a major Western world city would cause an international crisis and a probable economic collapse. It also would instantly create a police state throughout the world to prevent any further attacks.

    A strong leader would have ample opportunity to rise to power on a global basis and unite the world against the nuclear threat. No one will be able to stand against the coming leader of the final world order! Not only will the military might he commands be unsurpassed, but the Antichrist will also have at his disposal the most technologically advanced wonders of all time.

    The Apostle John tells us that he will make an image to the beast that had the deadly wound. Remember how the prophet Daniel describes that King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon made a huge statue of a man after he had the vision of the future course of world history?

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    He wrongly reacted to the gift of knowledge from God by making an idol which was expressedly against the Lord. He even forced the people of Babylon to bow down and worship the image on the threat of death.

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    John says the man of sin will do the same thing to the people of the final world empire. It may be that the Antichrist will so recognize his place in Biblical prophecy that he too will attempt to create a type of commemorative idol. In Rev. John predicts that the image will actually appear to be alive to the people!

    Scriptures that explain the signs and events of the End Times:

    How is this possible? Will the Lord somehow allow Satan to give supernatural creative powers to a man? Though many people stand by the position that the image of the Beast will literally come to life, I take the opposite point of view.