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It has glossy foliage which turns dark maroon-red in fall. It blooms with white flowers in spring which become clusters of vivid pink and blue berries in fall. It will have good berry set without a pollinator plant, but adding a pollinator 'Winterthur' is a good one will really amp up the number of berries. It is a native plant that has good deer resistance and it attract birds. It grows up to 6 feet tall, is hardy in zones , prefers sun to part sun and does best with moist, well-drained soil.

If pruning is necessary, do so shortly after flowering. However, leave the flower clusters so that you are able to enjoy the fall berry display. The foliage is deep green through spring and summer, then turns fire-engine red in the fall. It does produce blue berries in fall, but it's the red foliage color that is its calling card.

It is fast growing and salt tolerant and can quickly turn a fence into a mass of foliage and amazing autumnal focal point. It is hardy in zones does best in shade to part shade. Caryopteris begins flowering in late summer showing off blue to purple flowers through fall. The shrubs are drought tolerant, once established, not very tasty to deer and are attractive to butterflies.

They are hardy in zones , prefer a sunny location and good drainage. The contrast of blue flowers with the sunny foliage is gorgeous. How can you not love that!

Light pruning will encourage repeat blooming throughout the summer and often a second heavy bloom period in fall. Over the course of the summer the foliage becomes butter-yellow. It is deer resistant, about 5 feet tall, prefers a sunny location and is hardy in zones It is best with well-drained soil, but can adapt to a range of soil types. Itea is an often over-looked native plant with truly outstanding fall foliage color.

In addition to the brilliant fall folige, white, lightly scented flowers appear in summer.

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Helenium also repels deer and stops rabbits from munching on other flowers in your bed. Fair warning that you shouldn't try to eat these, as they're especially spicy. Stick the pot in your sunniest window for the best "crop," and water evenly once the soil gets slightly dry. Yes, you get attractive dark-green foliage in the summer, but autumn and winter are when this popular shrub really shines. Spidery witch hazel flowers will often bloom way past the time other trees and bushes drop their leaves. Autumn reds and oranges look great and all, but you won't mind seeing a splash of pink through your window this September.

Bonus for shady yards: The versatile border plants thrive in part sun. Beginner gardeners take note of these sturdy and aromatic! The flowering spikes also come with gorgeous silvery foliage to boot.

Watch this succulent plant sprout up in the summer before bursting into a deep pink or red in the fall. Since stonecrop stores water in its leaves, it's incredibly heat- and drought-resistant, and butterflies love the wide, dense flowers. You'll know it's time to go back to school once these tubular blossoms appear. The plant also goes by the name "chelone," but take one look at the flowers and you'll understand the nickname. Available in both purple and white, alyssum works in both containers and beds, or as a ground cover.

If you're aiming for a fantasy garden , plant some between stepping stones for a magical effect. Like toads, these orchid-like flowers love shady, moist locations — but rest assured they're a lot prettier than their namesake. Tricyrtis does well with other woodland plants like hostas and ferns, according to the Chicago Botanic Garden — but watch out for deer.

They'll like these blossoms as much as you do. Fall wouldn't be fall without the cheery yellow flowers of goldenrod.

The Flowers of Fall: 5 stunning fall blooms to bring your designs to life

It's a tough, beautiful plant that looks good despite summer heat and drought. Note: Goldenrod isn't typically a source of allergies; this is a common misperception. Perennials are the anchor of any fall garden. See tough plants that power through summer's heat for a strong fall finish. It's fun to have some contrast to all the warm autumnal shades.

52 Gorgeous Fall Wedding Bouquets

Russian sage does the trick with its airy blue flowers and silvery foliage. Another reason we love it: It's tough as nails and both the foliage and blooms have a great scent.

While most gardeners are familiar with the big-blooming annual sunflowers , it's the perennial selections that are the true garden gems. Clean up is the most important task for the fall. Learn what to do for a great fall garden and how to get your landscape ready for winter.

Colchicums look like fall-blooming crocuses on steroids: The big cup-shaped blooms appear seemingly out of nowhere in fall and create a bright show of pink or white.

The 15 Best Perennials for Fall Color

One of a group of great native plants in the daisy family, helenium offers cheery yellow, orange, or red blooms at the end of the season. We love how tough and easy-to-grow this plant is. We love mums just as much as any gardener—you can always count on them for fall color.

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Learn how to take your mums to the next level with these tried and true tips. One of the quintessential autumn plants, sedum bursts into bloom at summer's end.

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  8. This tough plant laughs off all summer's heat and drought to look great in your garden at the end of the season. One of the most exotic bulbs, red spider lilies burst out of the ground producing spidery clusters of bright red flowers. After the flowers fade, the plants send up their strappy leaves.