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Sadly, this low-high binary almost always ends up in service to whiteness. Not only does it absolve the guilt and responsibility of the offending party, it also works to make black people complicit in the accountability process.

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Why do I have to continually stifle my outrage, anger, pain or trauma just to make you feel OK about getting your just reward? It says a lot about this specific racial dynamic not just on the ground, but throughout our higher institutions. I do not want it to be misconstrued as a complete forgiveness of everybody.

It also suggests that black people be somehow remorseful that someone is actually facing consequences for the harm they have suffered. It was the hug felt around the world. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again.

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Amber lets you capture and communicate shader bugs with the fluidity and ease of a scripting flow:. Amber is influenced by Talvos and VkRunner. The VkScript syntax matches the format used by VkRunner. Working with Amber involves writing input test files. The main input format is Amberscript. New features are added to AmberScript as Amber is enhanced. This is the preferred format in which new script files are written.

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The VkScript format is supported for historic reasons. It is based off, and very closely matches, the format accepted by VkRunner. There are no new features being added to VkScript, it is for historical use. It is possible to obtain a plain executable for Android, as opposed to an APK, with the following:.

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This executable can be run via the adb shell on your device, e. Also, vulkan layers may not be available to this executable as it is not an app, so make sure to use the -d flag to disable Vulkan layers:. The components which build up Amber can be enabled or disabled as needed. There are a number of build bots to verify Amber continues to compile and run on the various targets.

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Due to bot limitations, the integration tests are not being run on the bots, just the unit tests. Amber is designed to run against different graphics APIs. Amber will build if no graphics API is found, but will only allow verifying the syntax of the amber script files. If you have CMake 3. We assume you have built Dawn from source, and have access to both the source and build trees. Where, currently, the amber file is in the VkScript format. The sample app returns a value of 0 on success or non-zero on error.

Any issues encountered should be displayed on the console.

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This allows comparing two images using the Amber buffer comparison methods. Ignore Learn more. We will also take a look at a Chinese running club to see how they prepare for the marathon. At the end, we invited two graduating seniors to share their stories at BU. In this edition of Amber, we have featured the first mandarin hockey broadcast at BU. Meanwhile, we will focus on the Oscar-winning animated short, Bao, and discuss the parent-child relationship reflected through the movie. We will also invite American students to do the Chinese College English Test and see how they perform.

Welcome to the first episode of this season of Amber. Chinese New Year is one of the most important Chinese festivals. In this Chinese New Year speicial edition, we will learn some essential words and phrases you need to know for the New Year. Finally, we will experience the New Year through the eyes of BU students. Meanwhile, we invite people from different countries to comment on recent popular music videos by Chinese pop artists targeting American audiences.

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We will also have a short film about how a boy learned his lesson of being grateful on Thanksgiving day. In this edition of Amber, we will cover topics related to the upcoming midterm election. First, we will look at a Boston-foundation working to get more women into politics. Later, we will see the latest updates of the US-China trade war and its relationship to the midterm election. At last, we will wrap up this edition with the visa battle in the Trump White House and its effects to international students. We will also discuss safety concerns on ride sharing apps, and will celebrate the tradition of Mid-Autumn Festival in our language class and learn the process of making mooncakes.

In this edition of Amber, we will first take a look at China-U. We will also see how people commemorate the victims from the Boston Marathon Bombing.

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Later, we will share with you some stories from graduating seniors. Finally, we will take you to another journey of Chinese dialect learning section. In this edition of Amber, we will first take a look at the Gun Right Movements regarding the recent school shootings. We will also discuss how BU responds to sexual violence on campus. Later, we will take a look at the new BUild Lab. We will also feature BU film students and their stories with filmmaking. At the end, for those of you who are interested in learning Chinese dialects, Amber will take you on a trip to Southern China.

In this special edition of our show, we will first take a look at the life of local Chinese residents and how they spend this festival here in the States. We also have a short film dedicated to all students who missed their family reunions. Finally, for those who are thinking of the menu of the new year dinner, we have a tutorial on a traditional Chinese dish.