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T this your wallet? Bob Yes, T is. And are your credit cards! In the classroom mmmsmmltttxmxlmmmrrmm 1 March I I 9. The dictionaries are TOL T the floor. The CD player is T the teacher's desk. The videos are T the closet. The computer is T the teacher's desk. The teacher's desk is T the board. The closet is T the window.

B Write the questions about the classroom in part A. A B It's in front of the board. B it's under the teacher's desk. A 3 It's next to the window. B They're on the wall.

A , B They're on the floor. B It's in the wastebaskct. Whati; your English teachers name? What are your friends names? Whats on the wall in your classroom? Wheres your teacher now? Whats the word for this in English? Complete the conversations. Use the expressions in the box.

Here you go. Callie , Bob. Bob Yeah? Callie T your dictionary? Bob Sure. Now, where is it? Callie Um. Bob Oh, yeah. Callie Thanks.

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Bob 2. Ruby Can I borrow your cell phone,? Millie T. Oh, wait. It's not in my bag.

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I think it's at home. Ruby That's OK. Millie Sure. Millie Umbrella? Ruby Sure. Dan Sure.

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Yuri And how do you spell television? Dan T-V. Yuri Very funny! E conversation E Number the lines of the conversations in the correct order. Unit 2 In class E Then write the conversations. I'm sorry. A '; lad-g, 1 You're late. A Thank you. I don't know. Thanks anyway. To review. A Unscramble the letters. Write the words. Across Down 2. Soccer is a 4. Norah Jones is an amazing 3. Stephen King is a famous 6. Our favorite soccer is 5.

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Who's your favorite? Manchester United. This is exciting. My favorite is the Black Crowes. Ronaldo is a famous soccer. Brian IS a of the Williams sisters. Unit 3 Favorite people.

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The Visitors. Alicia Look! It's Enrique Iglesias's new Here's my favorite hand. His voice Alicia Yeah? Norah The Backstreet Boys. Alicia Yes, they good-looking. Use the words in the box. He's not very 20 Carrie Good.

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Our boss sick, so he at work. Iarrie Oh, really? What your new neighbors like? Carrie Yes, they. They OK. They very quiet. Carrie No. What about the woman? Carrie No, she, ,.